GayInternetRadioLive (GIRL) App Reviews

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GIRL seems to be gone

I listened to this app for years. Now it seems to have gone offline. The same loop has been playing for several months. Sad!

G.I.R.L is gone

App tries to start the same song over and over again. Has been this way for over a month.

What happened?!

Seems like this app is done. The same music is looped over and over. It used to be different. There used to be different tracks everyday.

Company seems to be closed?

This app has worked for years. Suddenly it was offline for about 3 days with with zero music. Music is back online but all that plays are the same songs in a loop. This has happened for over a month. Maybe GIRL is done.

Love it

Great app but would like to see the commercials go away.


Great app!!!

Love it!

I just love this app!

Best dance music app

This app aims to please and please it does!! Great dance mixes! Never crashes!

Bug fixed

I had posted previously about a bug ( overlapping wording on menu screen). That seems to have been fixed now. I'm not quite sure why there needs to be a whole screen just for the play/pause button, as it would fit just fine in the upper part of the menu screen. Perhaps the plan is to add more animations/ features to the play screen later on??? But right now I'm not understanding the reason behind it. Anyway, the app seems to work just fine. I like the playlist history screen. I'm interested in seeing what other improvements they add.

High Quality Stream Fails

The high quality stream will not load (cellular of wifi). The low quality stream loads and plays. Select high quality > play - no artist/song info is displayed but the animation loads.

Great music; app no longer works

This was my favorite station. It worked fine until this new update. It doesn't work at all -- just a screen with a shirtless dude and nothing. Same with my partner -- doesn't work for him either.

Luv it!

Super cool music!!

This station plays the best gay music!!

I am very picky with club/electronic dance music. This station plays the best gay club anthems and mixes by far. I have never heard some of the mixes they play here. I jam out at the gym to these mixes. I totally recommended this app if you like club music with great beats! 5 stars!

Control from the lock screen

Once the old version was playing music, I could lock the iPad but still access control by swiping left on the lock screen. I could control play, volume and AirPlay location. All of that seems to be gone in the new version so to do anything in the app I have to log into the iPad first. Also I don’t see a way to control AirPlay within the app. Instead, I use the iPad’s built-in “swipe-up” method of switch locations. Minor irritation, but still. Otherwise, I like the new GUI and the music is great.

Bad update

Love the music but ever since the last update it never connects to the 80kbps on first attempt and on wifi I have yet to get it to to connect on128kbps connection. There is also too many clicks now to get to the music! The previous version was plain but it was a quick open of the app and click play.

What Happened?

The new updated version is not better or DOES NOT load faster. Please bring back the older, more simpler version.

Updated. Finally!

Great music. I listen while I'm in the shower everyday. It's now optimized for iPhone 5 size screens and iOS 7.

Great app!

I use this everyday. However, since it was updated today, it doesn't stream. I hope this will be fixed ASAP. I never listen to local radio.

Still good

Didn't the old version play immediately? I suppose the new design is better :-p

GIRL ... I'm hooked!

Love the music, always current and freakin awesome awesome mixes ... The app is simple and does exactly what it is supposed to; music delivered to your phone. Have a good phone with good speakers before you rate this app, GIRL's app is much better than a lot of the other ones out there ... Keep up the good work, U go GIRL!!


Really cool radio for the GLBT it now!

@johnduplantis on Twitter

Really love this! Thanks.

Overall good

Can be hit and miss. When they're on, it's awesome.

Love it

Best mixes ever


Love this ap! Perfect for a good workout at the gym. Lets get AMPED!


Good music but doesnt turn off. Had to delete app to get the music to turn off.


Wow, forgot how much I love this app! You guys need to do an update though- are you all dead or something? It's been more than 2 years since a "minor bug fix." Still, no competition= superior. 🛀

Love it

Great upbeat music. No ads. Just continuous music

Best radio, period!

This is my favorite dance music radio station, and I'm sad to see it go off-air. You go, G.I.R.L.!!!

Awesome App

Great quality. Great tastes. I recommend.

Best club music out there!

Keep up the good work !

Girl radio

EXCELLENT! non stop beats. Workout music, walking music, every thing Is better with phat beat!! Lovin it!!!

I listen to it more and more everyday!

I would enjoy it much more if you had a profile or bio of some kind for each D.J. And allowed to rate and maybe allowed you to replay sets by your favorite DJ's. Wouldn't complain if it showed you where to find your favorites spinning live.

Girl radio

The hottest best mixes ever


After being a BTL listener which is good this station will put you in heaven for recognizable songs in excellent mixes.

Music Heaven

The music on this app is amazing! It's like you're constantly at a club. Bonus: there's no separation between tracks like there is on pandora.


Great music and sound quality! Not one complaint!

Grad student

Best workout music, and always reliable. I love the music and it plays all the pop music remixes ! If you like nice dance beats for work out or leisure this music is for you !

Too much top 40

And way too much diva vocal bubble gum crap. Also Love your selective posting of reviews. Bad review = no posting.

Epic greatness!


Love this app!!!

Best music app for dance music fanatics!!

Love this app!

Me and my boyfriend dance all over the house all when this app is on! It makes happy everywhere on my body....EVERYWHERE on my body...


Love it-works great and is always playing the hottest club songs and remixes

Not bad.

I left my phone lay around and as a joke, my Girlfriend thought it would be funny to put silly apps on my phone. But when I did it to her phone, as always, grouch-o-rama. Perhaps becoming gay is what I should do. Anyways, pretty decent music. I dig it.

love it!

it's not connected once for me but when it is working (almost all the time) its an great station! very little talking, no ads, and all the music is blended together. pandora doesnt have anything like this.

Freezes alot

Great music but it doesn't work all the time

Love It !!

live the dj'a and the vibes

G.I.R.L ......

This is awesome to listen to.

OK, I guess...

Like most radio streaming apps, it only plays one channel. When the programming is good, it's fine. When it's not... you have to go to another app or play your own iTunes. App Icon is tacky. With all the gay graphics designers out there, couldn't they come up with a less busy logo?

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